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imagine if your fridge did what you do to it everyday, every half hour goes to your room opens the door and stares at you for 5 minutes then leaves


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These years have slowly crept by; in January, it will have been six years since I began my physical journey - but the truth is, hormones and surgery aside, this journey started the day I was born.

So much has happened - so many stories - so many incredible people.
I thank the universe for this balance every day.

Ultimately, I am most proud of continually seeking happiness even during the darkest of times. I don’t know how I got here, I don’t know where I’m going. But it is all so very beautiful.

From top to bottom:
1. Age: 3
2. Age: 14
3. Age: 14 (began exploring gender)
4. Age: 15 (came out as a transgender man)
5. Age: 17 (began testosterone)
6. Age: 18 (had top surgery)
7. Age: 20
8. Age: 22 
9. Age: 22
10. Age: 23 (a few months ago)

lookin’ fly since age 3, brother.

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I smoked one alcohol and my left arm fell off

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pool party at my house bring your own pool 

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Dear aromantics, asexuals, and greys:

  1. You are not immature or naive.
  2. You are not cold and heartless.
  3. Your love is not lesser.
  4. You are not broken.
  5. You do understand yourself.
  6. You are not a liar.
  7. Your feelings and experiences matter.
  8. You deserve to be acknowledged.
  9. You are real.
  10. Have a nice day today.
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She’s sunny one minute then she’s pouring down rain
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smoke weed, fine. graffiti, fucking do it man. party at strip clubs, more power to you.

but dont you fucking dare drive while drunk. you could kill someone else or yourself. do whatever you want unless you’re going to fuck up someone elses life.


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